Summer has just ended, and the rainy season is already upon us. Just one week into October and we’re already seeing advertisements and costume ideas for Halloween. With the weather changing so quickly, now is a good time to lay back and take a temporary break from our usual busy schedules. The team at Phat Sacks would like to take this opportunity to share with you the top 5 strains you should try for this Halloween season.

A well-rounded selection of bud strains, this list consists of 2 Sativa strains, 2 Indica strains, and 1 Hybrid strain to satiate your every situation, whether social or unsocial. Whether you’re in the mood to hand candies out at home or go out with friends for Halloween parties, this list has got something for you.

Choice 1: Super Silver Haze

The first Sativa of this list, and the perfect choice if you’re looking to smoke during the day, Super Silver Haze is an all-around reliable strain that offers everything you can ask for. While the taste of this strain isn’t super unique like some items further down this list, its effects are why it’s on this list.

Super Silver Haze starts off upbeat and motivating, granting its users a “get sh*t done” vibe which then slowly transitions into a soothing aura, alleviating any fatigue, negative moods, and physical pain of the user. This soothing after-state will by no means make the user unsociable. Instead, it provides a calming effect that will make processing verbal information easier than ever.

Choice 2: Blue Dream

Yielding a completely opposite effect of the previous while still being a Sativa strain, Blue Dream is a strain of marijuana that is as complex as they come. Accurate to its name, Blue Dream will have its users in a state similar to the tranquility of a pleasant dream. The “blue” part is subjective to individual experiences.

Starting off similar to Super Silver Haze, Blue Dream begins with the user feeling motivated and focused. However, unlike the former, the transition heads in a totally different direction. Instead of feeling tranquil, the user is likely to fade off into an ultra-relaxed headspace that is as hazy looking from the inside out as outside in.

Choice 3: Purple Kush

Getting to some more conventional choices, and why not? The popular Purple Kush strain is well-known (and loved) for a reason. As the first Indica on this list, Purple Kush is a pure Indica strain that offers nothing but relaxation and pain relief, which often is immediately followed by bed time.

If you’re looking to stay home on a rainy evening with no other plans in mind, Purple Kush could be the perfect choice for you to light up.

Choice 4: Basic Kush

As simple as it is, this entry might be a hard one to wrap your head around. Hear us out: imagine waking up on a rainy Saturday morning with no plans for the day. You see your epic toke gear by the bedside and start to reminisce on the first time you smoked a joint. Flavourless, and likely a few weeks old, but that high was unmistakable. You may miss that very first time, or you may not. Regardless, Basic Kush is likely the closest you’ll get to reliving that experience again.

Now, we don’t recommend smoking weed as a replacement for morning coffee, but Basic Kush might just be the perfect substitute if there ever is one. This unique, and perhaps very average strain depending on how you look at it, will neither make you antisocial nor motivated. Instead, it’s just weed, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Choice 5: Bubba Kush

Last but not least, we have ourselves another popular strain on our list. Bubba Kush is an Indica strain that is as frequently played in lyrics as it is smoked. Think of all the songs that have million of plays that mentioned Bubba Kush, we bet you can name a few.

As the only strain on this list with a very prominent flavour profile, Bubba Kush brings a half-citrus half-pepper taste that grants the user very prominent calming effects. Any traces of fatigue, negative moods, or physical pain is instantly alleviated. A very good strain to smoke before sleeping after an evening of handing out candies.


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