Following up from our Halloween recommendations of October, the team here at Phat Sacks would like to present another grand list of strains to consider. Seeing that our Death Bubba and OG Kush Phat Packs are now all sold out, we’d say that the previous list was fairly well received. So, while each of us awkwardly go through the transition from Halloween to Christmas, here are the 5 hottest marijuana strains to try while waiting for ‘spooky’ to become ‘frosty’.

Strain #1: Blue Dream

The first strain of November is the Blue Dream kush – a sativa strain packed full of flavour and THC. This strain is known for its uplifting, motivating effects that are very much welcomed by connoisseurs to kickstart a lazy month like November. Upon consumption, the high begins with a rush of increased focus, perfect for any work you might have at hand. After a while, the user settles into a relaxed state, feeling perfectly calm and ready for more.

While Blue Dream isn’t the kind of super powerful strain that slams you into either direction of sativa focus or indica tranquility, its balanced effect is treasured by many as the go-to strain for when you have work to do but also don’t really have work to do.

Strain #2: MK Ultra

Do you ever feel like taking a nap during the day? Perhaps you have. Maybe a mid-morning nap on a lazy Saturday or the kind of nap you take when you wake up at 4 AM for whatever reason. Whatever the case is, here is a strain that allows you to nap on demand, figuratively.

The MK Ultra strain, advised not for use for beginners, is a goliath indica strain that puts the user in a swift, hypnosis-like effect. Thanks to its incredible prowess for putting users into deep states of relaxation, the strain is notoriously known for being one of the strongest indica strains in the world of Cannabis.

Strain #3: Golden Lemon

Somewhat of a cross between sativa and indica but not completely a hybrid strain, Golden Lemon hits its user with an initial sense of focus and uplifting mood, which then quickly turns into a relaxed sensation after a few short minutes. While it might not necessarily put you in bed, it might make you take a seat depending on how sensitive you are to cannabis effects.

While the Golden lemon can be a smoke-by-the-pound strain for some, we suggest you try its unique effects out first to see whether you like it or not. Regardless, out of the 12 months of the year, now is the perfect time to give this strain a try. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Strain #4: Bubba Kush

If you’ve smoked before or have been around people who smoke, chances are you’ve heard of Bubba Kush. This indica strain is grandfathered into the all-time hall of fame for marijuana strains, and grants its users medicating effects and bursts of delicious flavours with slight tastes of chocolate and coffee. Its CBD components perfectly compliments its flavours, melting away any physical soreness or stress you might be experiencing. If you’ve yet to give this strain a go, we strongly recommend for you to try it.

No particular reason why this strain is on the November list; it’s quite frankly just a well-rounded strain that can be smoked any time of day on any days of the week.

Strain #5: Mango Haze

A mongrel of a strain in the best possible ways, Mango Haze is a sativa strain that is a cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. Instead of mellowing out the effects of each strain, however, the Mango Haze strain retains the properties of each, delivering them in full with the addition of its own flavours. Much like its relative Super Silver Haze, Mango Haze uplifts the user into a state of upbeat focus, which then fades into tranquility.

And yes, it tastes like mango, so that’s always a bonus.


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