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[AA-Rated] OG Kush – 1 Oz Phat Pack

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Small Buds, Big Value

What Are A-Rated Strains?

Phat Sacks’ single-A strains are the “base models” of any other product type equivalent – simple, to the point, while giving you a sample of what the strain is capable of. Whether you’re just trying out a new strain or prefer to literally smoke endless gas by the pound, single-A strains serves all occasions.

Phat Sacks jar of weed and 3 blunts
Small Buds, Big Value

Why Choose A-Grade Strains?

We won’t try to convince you on why single A strains are better than double or triple-A strains. Instead, we’ll let you in on factuals and let you decide for yourself. At Phat Sacks, we get our single A strains from the fallen off bits of higher grade strains. This means that the strain is labeled single-A not because of its quality, but because of its size instead. You are getting almost the same quality as you would otherwise in higher quality strains. With that said, the devil is always in the details, and we invite you to test and weigh out the differences between A and AAA strains yourself.

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Small Buds, Big Value

Different Grades, Same Mission

Phat Sacks offers only the best marijuana strains to its customers. If we don’t think a particular batch of products is worth smoking, we don’t sell it. Each and every one of our staff makes it their personal mission to provide you with the best possible weed at every price point. We cultivate all our cannabis products in a safe and clean environment, and are committed to full transparency in how our products get from A to B to C then to the hands of our customers. Every single product batch is tested then retested to ensure only the best of the best are delivered to your doorsteps.