Pictured above is your friendly neighbour smoking a pre-roll on a cozy Autumn day. You haven’t really seen her around that often, other than the occasional grocery trips and late-night homecomings. Being the also-friendly neighbour you are, you decide to go and strike up a conversation. What would you say?

If you had chose “Is that a Phat Sacks Pre-Roll?” then your conversation probably would’ve taken off. That’s correct: Phat Sacks now has its own branded pre-rolls. This may have come as a surprise for a few, but for those who have been shopping with us for some time, you’d know how much we love our pre-rolls. We love them so much, so we started making our own.

How Phat Are Your Pre-Rolls?

Not to shade our joints from Westcoast Smoke Co, but these Phat-Sacks pre-rolls pack such an incredible value proposition that it literally cannot be beat. No other place can you find a full gram of AAA-rated flower packed into a joint for the mere price of $10 CAD. It’s just not possible. The pricing and quality of flower aside, if you’ve ever rolled a joint, you’d understand how committed you must be to pack a full gram of flower into a pre-roll. Also, all this is with triple-A flower, not single-A shake. Each of our pre-rolls are packed to the brim where the two ends of the paper can hardly meet each other – that’s how fat they are, and how generously we believe marijuana should be consumed.

What Goes into the Pre-Rolls?

Depending on your choice of Indica or Sativa, your Phat Sacks Pre-rolls can come in a variety of flavours. Universally, pre-rolls are made from shake, which are bits and pieces of flower that has fallen off the main nugget during transit or packing. These tiny flowers are then collected into a tray to be later packed into pre-rolls. While most people generally don’t care about the taste of their pre-rolls, a small portion of the cannabis community wants to be able to pick out their own flavours, to have a say in the strain of flowers used, all while limiting the price to under a certain threshold.

If you are one of those people, then we’re glad to announce that our Phat Sacks Pre-Rolls are halfway there. Let’s just say that we’ve succeeded in capping the cost at $10.

Why You Need to Try These Pre-Rolls

Here are a few reasons why the Phat Sacks Pre-Rolls are a must-try for all cannabis enthusiasts. To remain neutral, we’ve also included a list of reasons not-to.

Why You Should Try Them:

  • Maximum convenience, almost as much as a vape pen and without the artificial additives
  • Amazing quality, just a few puffs is enough to get you high
  • Smooth taste, packed with the finest cannabis strains on the market
  • Convenient to carry around in the Phat Sacks tube
  • Your hot neighbour shops from us as well

Why You Shouldn’t Try Them:

  • You’re scared of a good deal
  • It’s simply too convenient
  • You’re not a fan of high quality weed

Pick one up with your order today for just $10. We’ll see you at Checkout.


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