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[AAA-Rated] Blueberry – 1 Oz Phat Pack

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Phat Packs are made up of smaller nugs that we don’t pack into traditional bud orders due to their size. Don’t let that fool you though, they’re just as potent as our main offerings. This Phat Pack won’t last long, so grab it while you can!

There’s a few strains and flavours that come to mind when thinking of cannabis, and Blueberry is one of them. This classic Indica is familiar to most, so we’ll be brief. A few puffs of this will leave you relaxed and happy, and a few more will get you reaching for your pillow. This strain is admired for its pain and stress relieving properties.

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Stress Relief
Anxiety Relief
Pain Relief
Sleep Aid
Mood Elevation
Appetite Promotion
Premium Quality Flower

Why Buy Bud from Phat Sacks?

By shopping at Phat Sacks for bud strains, you are getting the best of the best. Every single batch of cannabis cultivated is tested before being added to inventory then tested again before being shipped out. While that may suggest our staff to be high beyond comprehension most of the time, we are in fact very responsive to all inquiries, and make it our personal mission to provide you with the best bud strains available.

Premium Quality Flower

Smoking Flower vs. Vaping

With the cannabis industry in a constant state of growth, people are endlessly coming up with new ways of consuming marijuana. Of all methods, smoking out of a vaporizer and out of a traditional joint are the most popular, each with its pros and cons. By smoking from a joint, you are enjoying the most natural and organic way of consuming cannabis. No concentrates or additives, just pure kush. There is little that can be compared to the good feeling of sparking up a joint on a Friday night after a long week’s work.

Premium Quality Flower

Only the Highest Quality

Phat Sacks offers only the best marijuana strains to its customers. If we don’t think a particular batch of products is worth smoking, we don’t sell it. Each and every one of our staff makes it their personal mission to provide you with the best possible weed at every price point. We cultivate all our cannabis products in a safe and clean environment, and are committed to full transparency in how our products get from A to B to C then to the hands of our customers. Every single product batch is tested then retested to ensure only the best of the best are delivered to your doorstep.

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