Out of the countless ways a person can consume marijuana – eating it, smoking it, rubbing it on the skin, and even bathing in it – the pre-roll joint is the classic option that always has its own uniqueness that cannot be mimicked by any other methods.

Between cannabis users and non-users, nothing better symbolizes marijuana than the image of a perfectly rolled joint. That is, the crisp colour of the rolling paper packed to the brim with the shake of AAA-grade bud. Surely something everyone would enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. While vape pens and edibles serve as close seconds, nothing really beats the feeling of lighting up a joint. Sparking up a joint to share with friends usually marks the first encounter of most people’s marijuana experience.

All of the above appetizers bring us to the main course: What is a pre-roll? Whether you are a novice or an avid smoker, you may seldom wonder: what is in a pre-roll, how are they made, and how do I tell good pre-rolls from bad? These are all topics that will be covered in this ultimate guide for pre-rolls.

What is a Pre-Rolled Joint?

A pre-roll simply means marijuana that has been rolled and packed into a joint in advance of its usage. If you’re smoking and want to roll a joint in a moment, then that’s a joint. If you’re smoking and have a joint that you rolled from last week, then that’s considered a pre-roll. Simple enough.

Though, a large part of pre-rolled joints today are derived from the sake of convenience from manufacturers to end users. Users who do not wish to buy rolling papers, bud strains, and grinders separately may opt to purchase pre-rolls online instead. These offer for a simpler, hassle-free solution of smoking organic marijuana flower without going through the whole process of grinding and packing.

How Are Pre-Rolls Made?

Pre-roll joints are typically made by collecting the “shake”, which are leftover pieces of marijuana flower, that’s left over from either product transportation or the harvesting of plants. These flakes are then collected into a central container, which is then later used to be packed into joints.

Once the container fills up, experienced manufacturers begin packing the shake into rolling papers, then sealing it and putting them into individual containers. Then, depending on the manufacturer, these pre-rolls can be entered into a lengthy quality control process, ensuring factors such as dampness, dryness, temperature, and other external factors do not spoil the quality of the pre-roll.

How Do I Tell the Quality of Pre-Rolls?

Not all pre-rolls are made equal, just like everything else in life. There’s good pre-rolls and bad pre-rolls, and we’re going to let you in on the secrets of how to pick between the two.

Many lesser producers like to use discarded shake to pack their pre-roll joints. Meaning, these are not flakes fallen off high quality strains, but are instead low-quality bud that were originally going in the bin. Thankfully, the quality of said pre-rolls are easy to tell apart from the higher quality ones from just regular usage.

The benefits of a cannabis product in the form of a joint is that it functions exactly like a joint. Therefore, if it tastes like bad weed then it’s probably been made with bad weed.

Where Can I Buy Pre-Rolls?

There are plenty of places to purchase pre-rolls from, both online and in person. Physical dispensaries can be found selling pre-rolls from reputable brands and self-packed at the location. Online dispensaries usually carry several well-known brands and sometimes their own house brands as well. Prices for a single pre-rolls can vary depending on the quality, ranging anywhere from $5 to $20 for an average pre-roll.

Now that you’ve read through the following, we hope to have increased your knowledge of pre-rolls. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to clarify for you.


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