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After the Ontario government broke the news of a $42 million loss in the past fiscal year from selling cannabis, cannabis enthusiasts and consumers alike are wondering whether buying from government’s physical dispensaries still remains a good idea. After all, there must be a reason why the business is failing so miserably. According to reviewers online, price is a major factor deterring potential shoppers from shopping from the Ontario government’s dispensary, as well as the quality of them. Cannabis purchased from the Ontario government have often been criticized for their small nug size and dry taste.

Given these issues, while some may still see government kush as a no-brainer, many savvy cannabis consumers are starting to turn to online dispensaries which are known to offer better products at lower prices. With alternatives offering such levels of value proposition enough to cripple the government’s dispensaries, why don’t everyone just shop online?

Just like everything else in life, there’s a trade-off. Consumers shopping for marijuana online are enjoying lower prices and better quality in exchange for the source’s credibility. Many online dispensaries, while offering more attractive pricing than the Ontario government, are not as legitimate in their business operations as the government. Though, some of them do come close.

Why Ontario Residents Should Buy Weed Online from Phat Sacks

Call it a shameless self-promotion or a perfectly justified plug; from premium grade pre rolls to CBD tinctures, Ontario residents would in fact be getting the best value products when shopping from Phat Sacks. Given the trade-off between good weed at a good price versus credibility, Phat Sacks manages to not only balance, but excel in both. Being based in British Columbia, where the hospitable climate is known to be produce the best cannabis plants throughout the entire nation, Phat Sacks sources from local producers whose quality control procedures are much stricter than the government’s.


In terms of reputation, Phat Sacks has garnered nothing but positive reputation within both the online cannabis community and local consumers, all enhanced by its catalogue of nothing but the most credible brands across Canada. Suppliers such as Culture for vape pens, Westcoast Smoke for pre rolls, and Twisted Extracts for edibles are some of the most trusted brands in their respective niches. As a side note, if you haven’t given these specific brands a try yet, we strongly recommend you do so.

Discreet and Liability Free Ordering

Dissimilar to ordering weed from the Ontario government, when you shop at Phat Sacks, it is not a requirement to show any forms of identification. With all the metadata circulating online today and third-party cookies tagging everyone’s browser history, the privilege of remaining completely incognito when buying weed online is truly a blessing. Not only are you remaining anonymous from potential data thieves, you are also protecting yourself from the off-chance that the Ontario government decides to extract a list of all of its customers – a list nobody would want to be a part of.

Additionally, no signature is required upon delivery, and nothing about the package (both visually and smell) will give away the content within.

Fast Shipping

Unlike other online dispensaries, Phat Sacks ships all of its orders through Canada Post Express to ensure a safe and speedy delivery. Whether it’s an order of $20 shake or $2,000 of products in bulk, the team from Phat Sacks treats both with the same level of care. The very moment you place an order with Phat Sacks you are ensured to receive your products within just a few business days.

Superb Customer Service

Gone are the days where Ontario shoppers have to wait a full week for a simple turnaround on support tickets or complaints. No more waiting 5 days to see a response of “Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will escalate the issue and provide you with an update soon.” When you shop at Phat Sacks, you are always guaranteed a ticket response time of 24 hours on weekdays, and to be served with the utmost professionalism.

While there are many more reasons why Phat Sacks is superior to all other alternatives available for not just Ontario residents, but the entire Canadian population, above sums up a few of the most prominent advantages between us and them. We invite you to take the first step and start browsing our catalogue of impressive products today. Feel free to contact us for any questions or inquiries.


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